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Approved: 2001 – Broke Me In Two

By | Published on Wednesday 7 October 2015


2001 is a new project formed by Joan Wasser (aka Joan As Police Woman) and Benjamin Lazar Davis. It came together after a conversation where they shared their separate experiences of making music in Africa – Wasser as part of Damon Albarn’s Africa Express, Davis while studying traditional West African music.

“Initially, we bonded over Central African Republic Pygmy musical patterns and ended up writing a whole record loosely inspired by this music”, says Wasser.

The first track from this record is 2001’s newly released debut single, ‘Broke Me In Two’. Explains Wasser: “In ‘Broke Me In Two’ you can hear this influence in the staccato bit-crushed guitar line that plays throughout. Of course you could always ignore all this and listen as if you’re hearing a pop song”.

You could indeed. Why not try it both ways now?