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Approved: Alex Burey

By | Published on Thursday 9 October 2014

Alex Burey

Alex Burey’s first foray into making music came when he spotted a gap in the market in the grime scene, as it swelled out of East London further south. Lots of new MCs were suddenly appearing in nearby Croydon – he living with his parents in a small village a few miles away – but few seemed to be making beats for them to use. So the then eleven year old Burey taught himself how to use some music software and set himself up as a jobbing producer.

Now nineteen, he’s moved out of the bedroom that once saw a procession of rappers through its door to a standalone studio, aka a shed at the bottom of his parents’ garden. And now working on his own music, he’s shunned the heavy beats of grime for something more soulful.

“I always aim for my music to be comforting”, he says. A sentence that might be a turn off, but describes his intimate, gently beautiful songs perfectly. Not dissimilar to King Krule and influenced by Shuggie Otis, the first of those songs to be publicly released is ‘Unspoken’, which rolls quietly on a woozy guitar line and a chorus that lazily drops in semi-call-and-response vocals to amazing effect.

Listen to ‘Unspoken’ here: