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Approved: Bad Willow

By | Published on Wednesday 22 June 2016

Bad Willow

Formed last year by singer-songwriter Julie Title and former Midway State bassist Matt Kirsh, Bad Willow pushed out an initial batch of tracks last autumn. After a break for more writing and recording, as well as their first steps into performing live together, there’s been another flurry of releases over the last couple of months.

These new tracks, such as latest offering ‘Rise’, show a real step up in the duo’s songwriting, creating a dark pop sound wrapped up in rhythmic synth riffs that awaken some sort of instinctual reaction and intriguing lyrics.

The strongest of the new tracks is ‘Ringer’, which seems to bring all the elements of their sound together in the most pleasing way, aided by a super catchy chorus. Listen to the track here:

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