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Approved: Bullion

By | Published on Tuesday 10 April 2012


A reckonable production force since 2007 (when his J-Dilla/Beach Boys mash-up, ‘In The Key Of Dee’, came out) one-man music mechanism Bullion is back with a six track EP ‘Love Me Oh Please Love Me’, which is available to pre-order now prior to its release via DEEK on 7 May.

EP precursor ‘It’s All In Sound’ sees Bullion sing, splice and sax-sample with the same panache as on his double-edged last single, ‘Say Arr Ee’/ ‘What Does She Know’. Expanding upon the cut and pasted style that characterises much of his past output, the new track is a continuation of West London-based Nathan Jenkins’ climb from shapeshifting decks-dweller to an identifiable artist and songwriter in the ‘traditional’ sense (though with none of the dulling-down that might imply).

Sample ‘It’s All In Sound’ here: