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Approved: Chams

By | Published on Thursday 2 April 2020


Last week, experimental rapper Chams released his debut album, ‘L’Âme Agit’, through French label Abîme, of which he is a co-founder. The album is often a contradiction of sounds, with bright, softly applied synths applied over industrial beats. But it’s a combination he makes work and which also matches his shifting vocal delivery.

This week he releases the video for one of the album’s standout tracks, ‘Un Temps Pour Elle’, which attempts to visually match the song’s sound. He explains: “The whole idea behind this video could be summed up by the word ‘resignation’. I asked some of my closest friends if they wanted to act with me in a project I was working on for my album, so we started thinking about how we could put ‘Un Temps Pour Elle’ into images”.

“As the track itself is about time as an unreadable concept and its devastating effects on all the things it touches, we wanted to tell a nonlinear story where dramatic events would all take place at the same time”, he goes on. “We needed to stay out of any temporal frame of reference to capture this idea, that’s why everything in the video seems out of time, whether it is the clothes, the locations, or the actions”.

Watch the video for ‘Un Temps Pour Elle’ here:

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