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Approved: Craig Irving

By | Published on Thursday 26 March 2020

Craig Irving

Craig Irving has been active in the Scottish folk scene for a number of years – and, as a member of his former band Talisk, won a BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award in 2015. He’s now gone solo in order to make, he says, “the kind of music I’ve wanted to create for a long time”. That being something right up at the pop end of indie-rock. And it turns out that folk music is a good training ground for that, because boy is he good at it.

Set to release his debut EP, ‘When I First Met You’, next month, he put out the first single from that four track release, ‘Say Goodbye’, last month. A song that stays in perpetual motion – its frantic guitar and insistent drums rolling forward unstoppably – it grapples with the realisation that a relationship is coming to an end.

Now, set for release tomorrow, comes ‘Running Back To You’, which tackles similar subject matter, but in a more reflective fashion. If ‘Say Goodbye’ is the realisation, ‘Running Back To You’ is the final attempt at staving off the inevitable. “The song is about knowing a relationship is over but being unable to severe the connection with that person cleanly”, he explains.

The ‘When I First Met You’ EP is out on 3 Apr. Listen to ‘Running Back To You’ here.