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Approved: Darkstar x Empress Of

By | Published on Monday 20 June 2016


Darkstar return with new EP ‘Made To Measure’ on 15 Jul, the follow-up to last year’s acclaimed ‘Foam Island’ album. The four-track release includes collaborations with Gaika and Empress Of, the latter of which is the first single, ‘Reformer’.

“Lorely [aka Empress Of] came over to our studio in North London at the end of summer, where we played through [some] sketches we had”, says James Young of Darkstar. “Lorely [then] played a load of her stuff and [we gave] her a beat called ‘Fuck Waiting’ that we’d been playing in some sets and wanted to do something with”.

“She took it to the 4AD studio the next day and laid the top line on it” he goes on. “We got around to finishing it [in February] and I think she killed it. She’s one of the most capable artists I’ve been in a studio with and a great person to be in that environment with”.

So it’s safe to say that they’re pleased with the track. And rightly so. Empress Of lays her vocals over a backing of warped strings and ominous percussion, creating a close and unsettling mood that somehow still invites you onward.

The video for the track was released last week. Check it out here:

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