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Approved: Denise Chaila

By | Published on Tuesday 22 June 2021

Denise Chaila

The Irish rap scene continues to deliver a seemingly endless supply of brilliantly talented artists, with Denise Chaila rapidly rising up the ranks.

In March, her debut album, ‘Go Bravely’, beat releases from the likes of Roisin Murphy and Fontaines DC to be named winner of the Choice Music Prize for Irish album of the year. Now she’s back with new track ‘061’, which boosts her upward trajectory even more.

A track in which she asserts her place in music, now that she’s proven herself, she delivers killer lines like, “I could diss you and make it a TED Talk”, and “I’m here to stay, if you hate it you should write to your local MP / Cause your local MC writes constitutions in WAVS and MP3s”.

She says of ‘061’: “Knowing that you have the authority to reclaim yourself is a confidence that never fades. Knowing that building this confidence will build your community, not break it, is truth that must never be renounced. Knowing that you can always set the record straight, keeps the music playing”.

Watch the video for ‘061’ here:

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