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Approved: Emika

By | Published on Thursday 26 November 2009

From the sound of her debut EP, Ninja Tune’s latest signing Emika is someone we’ll be listening to and talking about a lot next year. The EP’s title track, ‘Drop The Other’, sounds like a squeaky clean R&B track that’s been taken out on a heavy night and then left alone in a strange town to find its way home at 4am. In the rain. It’s catchy and definitely has pop in its heart, but it also sounds damaged and subdued. Glitchy piano flicks in and out of frame, drums skitter along underneath and Emika’s soft, effortless-sounding vocals drift quietly over the top of it all. It’s not out til January, but Ninja Tune are already giving away a Scuba remix of ‘Drop The Other’, which holds the essence of the original but gives it a bit more kick, right now. To download it, click the link below.