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Approved: Esther Joy Lane

By | Published on Thursday 1 October 2015

Esther Joy Lane

Esther Joy Lane is set to release her debut EP on 23 Oct. And a bold entrance it makes, sprucing up the warm electronic sound eked out over a series of demos slowly uploaded to SoundCloud over the last year.

Lane’s songs have a classic feel to them, distinctly pop but far from throwaway; her combined talents for songwriting, production and singing are used to impressive effect. If this is the level she’s at on her first release, then it’s exciting to think where she might be in a year’s time.

You can catch Esther Joy Lane live at Finding The Female Headliners at Birthdays next week on 8 Oct, alongside Tara Priya, Rebecca Clements, and Xylaroo. Listen to ‘Travelling Light’ from the EP here: