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Approved: FEMM

By | Published on Tuesday 30 September 2014


I have a soft spot for pop with an unnecessarily confusing back story. Especially if even once you’ve got to grips with that story it still doesn’t really make sense. So all hail Japanese pop duo FEMM, whose mythology is totally baffling. They are, apparently, a pair of sentient mannequins on a mission to discover why humans oppress their kind so.

See? Makes no sense. The duo themselves don’t speak – all communication comes through the Far East Mention Mannequins Agency Syndicate – thus adding further to the mystery/confusion. And what the hell does Far East Mention Mannequins even mean?

Thankfully, the musical side makes more sense. Over the last seven months they’ve released fourteen globally-minded pop tracks onto YouTube, all of which make up their debut album, ‘FEMM-isation’, which will be released internationally on iTunes tomorrow. Tracks like ‘Fuck Boyz Get Money’ (a satire of Notorious BIG line, “fuck bitches, get money”) and my personal favourite, ‘Wannabe’ (not a Spice Girls cover).

Completing the album, and released last week, is the video for ‘Whiplash’: