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Approved: Hélène Vogelsinger

By | Published on Thursday 10 June 2021

Hélène Vogelsinger

Back at the beginning of 2019, musician Hélène Vogelsinger began to experiment with modular synths. Quickly finding that she had a flair for creating broad and emotive soundcapes, she also quickly hit upon the idea of taking her equipment out of the usual studio setting.

To date, she’s created new pieces of electronic music in places as diverse as an abandoned factory and a derelict hospital, on the banks of a river and between the densely packed trees of a forest. These sessions have so far been collected into two album releases, 2020’s ‘Contemplation’, and ‘Reminiscence’, which came out last month.

Continuing the series, she’s now released her latest track, ‘Reappearance’, which was recorded on rocks looking out to sea. As ever, in this unlikely setting she presides over a bank of wires that would give most people a migraine trying to work out their numerous functions, but which she expertly turns into a vast electronic orchestra, pouring with the kind of humanity and passion that many a ‘traditional’ musician could only dream of.

Watch ‘Reappearance’ here: