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Approved: I Am Karate

By | Published on Wednesday 24 August 2016

I Am Karate

Electro-pop duo I Am Karate have released an impressive run of singles over the last twelve months or so. ‘Bloom’, ‘Elevate’, ‘Bitter’ and ‘Lock’ are all great songs, with some excellent b-sides to match.

The latest addition to their canon is ‘Swayze’. An ode to the act of ‘ghosting’ – a pitfall of modern dating – and also released to coincide with what would have been Patrick Swayze’s 64th birthday, the song is wrapped in warm, rhythmic pop, and showcases some of their most dynamic songwriting to date.

With a growing catalogue of strong, well-produced music behind them, they shouldn’t have to resort to any martial arts to get people to listen to them.

Listen to ‘Swayze’ here:

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