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Approved: Jasmine Jethwa

By | Published on Thursday 19 March 2020

Jasmine Jethwa

Jasmine Jethwa released her debut single ‘Running Circles’ last month. It’s an immediately arresting folk-influenced pop track built on a circling guitar riff. Jethwa uses the musical base of the song to roll out a series of smart melodies that make it whole.

Now with the follow-up, ‘Empty Waters’, she’s pulled the trick off again, while also beginning to show off the breadth of her songwriting and performing talent.

“‘Empty Waters’ is about someone having a dependence on something, and their relationship to that getting deeper and more destructive”, she says. “This song is about someone going through that, whilst watching from the outside”.

Both ‘Empty Waters’ and ‘Running Circles’ are taken from Jethwa’s debut EP, ‘Hurricane’, which is set for release on 8 Apr. Listen to ‘Empty Waters’ here: