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Approved: Jennifer Touch

By | Published on Thursday 12 March 2020

Jennifer Touch

With the release of her debut album, ‘Behind The Wall’, fast approaching, Jennifer Touch has released her latest single ‘Attic’. It further evolves her classical electro-pop and post-punk influenced sound, taking a variety of cold, aloof elements and imbuing them with a pulsing life-force.

The new single draws on memories of living in East Germany as a child before the Berlin Wall came down. “My parents had one or two parties together with the families in our house, up in the attic”, she says. “It was a place where they had space and could sing all their favourite krautrock-songs and all the kids felt happy and free”.

“I have dreams about it, my six year old brain taking pictures of the scene, everyone dancing”, she goes on. “My parents were GDR-Flowerpower-children, forced to live in a very repressive society, behind this wall. The song just came out of me and whilst writing it I realised why I make music and where it comes from. It comes from my childhood in East Germany. It comes from that attic”.

‘Behind The Wall’ is out on 24 Apr through FatCat. Watch the video for ‘Attic’ here:

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