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Approved: Jerkcurb

By | Published on Wednesday 22 January 2014


One of King Krule’s circle of lost boys, Jerkcurb is Jacob Read, who lists “boredom” as his foremost interest on FB, and does “guitar music for squids”. Whilst he’s decidedly still at the lower ends of his climb to… wherever it is he feels like going, it’d be unwise to dismiss him as ‘just a kid’, mostly on the grounds of the one song he’s put online, ‘Midnight Snack’.

A soft-scoop spoonful of peanut butter blues which, ‘lite’ though it is, is somehow still ridden with some true soul grit, it is, I guess, Jerkcurb’s ‘Out Getting Ribs’, ie the Krule track which, despite being written in 2010 under his old monikor Zoo Kid, wound up dusted off and put on his first big time LP, 2013’s ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’.

For those hungering for more, if you dig around long enough online, you’ll find the crumbs of Hotel Soap, Read’s cloud-jazz doublet with his friend Xan. And/or this ‘Indoor Fountain Feelings Mix’ he did for Dig That Treasure!, which covers a lot of dusty ground, from John Maus, to The Reels, to ‘Evening Harmony’, a 1969 spoken word piece by composer Ruth White. Or just listen to ‘Midnight Snack’, which tops the lot: