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Approved: Jibóia

By | Published on Tuesday 2 December 2014


Óscar Silva released his debut EP as Jibóia last year, an almost entirely instrumental mesh of drum machines and psychedelic guitars. The standout moment from that EP was the final track, which featured the addition of vocals from Ana Miró (aka approved electro act Sequin), who helped lift everything to another level. And so it’s good news all round that on his second EP, ‘Badlav’, Silva has brought Miró in on the whole thing.

Released jointly by Lovers & Lollypops and Shit Music For Shit People last month, each of the four tracks on ‘Badlav’ represents one of the four ages of mankind in Hinduism. So that’s 4.32 million years condensed into 24 minutes, which is pretty good going. And indeed, they waste no time in slamming everything they’ve got into each track, before pulling it back and pushing it a bit harder, as show on ‘Treta Yuga’ and ‘Dvapara Yuga’, the videos for which you can see below.

Treta Yuga

Dvapara Yuga