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Approved: Joviale

By | Published on Tuesday 18 May 2021


Eighteen months on from the release of her debut EP ‘Crisis’, Joviale is set to put out her second collection of tracks, ‘Hurricane Belle’, later this month.

Produced again by Bullion, ‘Hurricane Belle’ is inspired by Peter Shenai’s ‘Hurricane Bells’ exhibition, in which he cast brass bells modelled on the five stages of Hurricane Katrina, allowing those who struck the bells to experience the exact frequency of sound from the stage of the hurricane that they reflect. However, in Joviale’s project, rather than representing a physical storm, each track draws the listener into the eye of an emotional storm.

It might sound like you need to steel yourself for a difficult ride, but as first single ‘Blow!’ shows, this is a storm you’ll be happy to be pulled into. Sounding like an alternative future imagined in the 80s, its jerky, programmed percussion nudges the track along as Joviale lays out her thoughts and feelings through constricting and retracting melodies.

‘Hurricane Belle’ is set for release this Friday. Watch the video for ‘Blow!’ here:

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