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Approved: Kwaye

By | Published on Thursday 19 November 2020


Releasing his first new music since 2018 debut EP ‘Love & Affliction’, Kwaye makes a bold and exciting return with new single ‘Run’. Boiling a diverse range of influences – including synth-pop, R&B and rock – down to a slick piece of pop with an almighty chorus, his lyrics also draw on the past to comment on the now.

“‘Run’ is an experience lived by many of our brothers around the world – it is the dichotomy of walking your truth as a human being, and negotiating your survival as a black man”, he says. “The turbulent nature of 2020 has caused many of us to reflect on our own individual worlds – what they need, how they feel, and where they sit within the ever-changing world we all share”.

“In this time I realised how far I’d strayed from the things that make up who I am, and began to address the battles that have long needed resolving”, he continues. “The first is ‘Run’: Freedom v Duty. From family and community to loyalty and expectations, this song captures the beauty and the complexity of that internal conflict”.

Now releasing through his own label Mangwana, this is a new start for Kwaye, with more new music set for release in the coming months. Watch the video for ‘Run’ here: