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Approved: Let’s Eat Grandma

By | Published on Thursday 11 February 2016

Let's Eat Grandma

There’s something quite ominous about Let’s Eat Grandma. Even after you realise that their name is taken from a grammar joke.

To be fair, they have gone to some lengths to cultivate that atmosphere. Even the handclaps at the beginning of debut single ‘Deep Six Textbook’ are quite chilling. I thought it was a rule that handclaps had to be uplifting and joyful. Apparently not.

Newly signed to Transgressive, the duo will release their debut album this summer. In the meantime, this single is out now, with a video that shows a suitably dark twist on the British seaside to go with the otherworldly pop that soundtracks it.

Listen to ‘Deep Six Textbook’ here:

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