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Approved: Lung Dart

By | Published on Thursday 28 July 2016

Lung Dart

Lung Dart – aka multi-instrumentalists Tim Clay and James Rapson – have to date released a small but endlessly intriguing collection of music. Last year’s ‘Ebbs’ EP is now joined by ‘Healthy Functional Tissue’, the first single from upcoming mini-album ‘As I Lay Drying’, which is out on 2 Sep.

Following from the dense but warm, gospel-inflected sound of ‘Ebbs’, ‘Healthy Functional Tissue’ is a gorgeous loop that undulates slowly while new elements drift into the mix almost imperceptibly, drawing you deeper into the music.

The duo will be previewing the mini-album on 26-27 Aug at Holdrons Arcade in Peckham with an event that will be part listening party, part art installation. Listeners will be invited to enter, lie down and experience the record accompanied by videos created by Joe Wilson, Liam Healy, Billy Bolton, Edward Carvalho Monaghan, Oliver Hyde Mobbs, Estelle Birch and Lung Dart themselves.

Listen to ‘Healthy Functional Tissue’ here:

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