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Approved: Many Voices Speak

By | Published on Tuesday 18 October 2016

Many Voices Speak

Matilda Mård’s debut EP as Many Voices Speak – ‘Away For All Time’ – was written after she moved to the small Swedish town of Borlänge, looking to escape the bustle and stress of Stockholm. Here she had a creative re-awakening in a karaoke bar – “a free zone, far away from my own self doubts and prestige about music”, she says – which led to the spacious, laid back sound of the new EP.

An early version of first single ‘Video Child’ was aired in a live performance on local radio around a year ago. Listening to it in this stripped back form, you can really hear the basis of the finished recording, with all its lush instrumentation and electronic pulsing, which create the perfect atmosphere for the interlocking melodies to ride upon.

Mård uses the same approach for a cover of ‘Blue Moon’, which is given an eerie night time feel, a soft violin drone running throughout like the sound of distant crickets, lulling the bass, vocals and warped guitar solo into action.

Listen to ‘Blue Moon’ here:

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