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Approved: Minais B

By | Published on Thursday 5 March 2020

Minais B

Electronic composer Minais B’s upcoming second album ‘Quiet Bloom’ draws inspiration from a period of grief – although the focus is on coming out of it, rather than sitting in its midst.

It’s three years since his debut ‘Deep Care’ and, he says, he “threw away” a lot of music before he could get started on this record. “It took two years before it really made sense”, he goes on. “I needed a music less conceptual, more direct and not afraid of emotion”.

Expanding on his theme, he adds: “This music grew from a place of great loss and emptiness. But instead of dwelling in those states it sparked a lightness. Like a single moment where a face turns from sadness into laughter, but holding on to the experience of that sadness”.

The record was written in isolation on the Danish island of Zealand, which also had a strong impact on how the it turned out. He explains: “It was my first time being totally alone for two weeks, and in the cold winter of Scandinavia. It was a period of extreme moods for me, but the music came out. Having the woods and the sea so close definitely found its way into the music”.

On the album’s first single, ‘Where We Meet’, classical compositional elements creep into the electronic sound of the track. It also toys with expectations, leaving the listener in intense periods of anticipation, often simply stopping and resetting, rather than providing resolution. Eventually it builds to something bigger, before drawing to a close in a dissonant rush of choral voices.

‘Quiet Bloom’ is out on 24 Apr though Anyines. Watch the video for ‘Where We Meet’ here: