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Approved: Mitski

By | Published on Thursday 3 March 2016


Mitski Miyawaki, or just Mitski to, well, everyone, released her last album ‘Bury Me At Make Out Creek’ in 2014. This week she announces that the follow-up, something of a companion piece, ‘Puberty 2’, will be released through the Dead Oceans on 17 Jun.

The album sees Miyawaki explore her adolescent years, which she doesn’t quite feel ready to leave behind. “[The title] came up as a joke and I became attached to it”, she says. “Puberty 2! It sounds like a blockbuster movie. I actually had a ridiculously long argument whether it should be the number 2, or a Roman numeral”.

First single ‘Your Best American Girl’ explores being “half Japanese, half American but not fully either”, where she uses her skill for an engaging lyric to twist alt-rock’s “white-American-guy stereotypes as a Japanese girl who can’t fit in, who can never be an ‘American girl'”.

Catch Mitski live at Birthday’s in London on 19 Apr, and listen to ‘Your Best American Girl’ here:

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