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Approved: Mrley

By | Published on Thursday 23 September 2021


Although a fan of rock music since he was a young child, as a teenager Mrley kept quiet about it when music by the likes of Nirvana and Guns N Roses was derided by his school friends. After building up a following as a grime MC, those influences rushed back when he picked up a guitar while recording at a studio shortly before the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Using the enforced isolation of the next year and a half to completely overhaul his sound, he returned in August this year with ‘My Side Of London’. The track saw him rapping over a frantic punk backing with the energy and enthusiasm of someone who has just found something they really love. He continues that further, and starts to mix things up more, on new single ‘So Much To Say’.

“It’s special to me as it contributes to the progression of music”, he says of the new single. “I managed to take a trap 808 completely out of context by using it in punk. It pays tribute to today’s rap music whilst even hinting at the 80s rock sound but somehow it remains punk”.

Mrley’s debut EP, ‘Love You London’, is out on 15 Oct. Watch the video for ‘So Much To Say’ here: