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Approved: MT Low

By | Published on Thursday 13 February 2020

MT Low

Not your usual band origin story, brothers Matt and Will Ritson can trace the beginnings of their MT Low project back to the discovery of a lone church in the expanse of the Mojave Desert on Google Maps. The discovery actually inspired a number of creative pursuits after the pair decided to travel to the exact spot on the map that they’d found.

Capturing their journey to the Hill Of Prayer in California, they documented the trip in photography, film and creative writing which was then published in Ignant and Fucking Young magazines. Once there, the expanse of the landscape around them also prompted them to begin making music, resulting in their debut mixtape, ‘Lost Of Love’, which is out next month.

“It felt like we were out to confront something together, here, in the middle of nowhere, with the reality of emptiness swallowing us up in every direction”, say the duo. “Travelling out into such a big empty landscape gives you a perspective with less of a hard edge, something wider and more spacious that you can take back with you and engage with in the creative process”.

‘Lost Of Love’ is out on 10 Mar through their own label Only Dreaming, and you can watch the video for the first track released from it, ‘Fade (Into View)’, here: