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Approved: Nicole Mercedes

By | Published on Tuesday 18 February 2020

Nicole Mercedes

Nicole Mercedes returns with her second solo album ‘Look Out Where You’re Going’ in April, seven years after her debut ‘All The Windows’ – the two records separated by the debut of her band Flocke.

The first single from the new album is ‘Stoop’, which shows off the dream-pop sound that she and producer Joe Rogers have created for the LP. That sound perfectly serves the song, adding to its carefree atmosphere. “[It’s] about those summer nights in the city, when all you want is anyone to distract you”, she says. “To sit out on your stoop with you, drink some wine, maybe make out, and then leave just as easily”.

There’s an underlying tension that sits low in the mix too though, as she explains: “This album chronicles the end of one of those long, meaningful relationships that mark a departure from the safety of being attached to someone to the chaos of being on your own”.

‘Look Out Where You’re Going’ is due out in April, with another single, ‘Filters’, set to precede it in March. Watch the video for ‘Stoop’ here:

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