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Approved: Olugbenga – Epic & Blues EP

By | Published on Monday 23 July 2012


These days, Olugbenga Adelekan is best known as the bassist in Metronomy, but he’s a man of many talents and for a number of years has quietly been pushing out a steady stream of great remixes and original electronic tracks in a solo capacity.

For some time there’s been the promise of an album of the latter, and that time is almost upon us. And the countdown to that album begins this week with the release of the ‘Epic & Blues’ EP (which contains both original tracks and remixes).

From solo piano piece ‘Love Is The Devil In The Details’ to his squelchy bass attack on singer-songwriter Jim Kroft, there’s a huge diversity of sound in such a small space. Featuring further remixes of acts including Esben And The Witch and Three Trapped Tigers, plus another original, the spacey and industrial sounding ‘Deeper Hidden Meaning’, the EP is a great introduction to Olugbenga’s solo work.

Tracks from ‘Epic & Blues’ were eked out one by one through various websites last week. Today the whole thing is available to download for free via Olugbenga’s Facebook page, and you can stream it in full via the SoundCloud player below too.