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Approved: Psykhi

By | Published on Thursday 30 September 2021


Blending a range of influences – including grunge, highlife, 70s rock and hip hop – into one captivating sound, Psykhi has set himself up as an artist to pay close attention to with three brilliant singles so far this year.

Following on from his debut, ‘White Picket Fence’, and then ‘Rat Poison’, he’s back again with ‘See Me Clearly’. Fully deploying his knack for writing songs with a loose feel but bubbling intensity, he yet again leaves you wanting more.

“‘See Me Clearly’ is a song exploring my vulnerabilities and the importance of self love, retrospectively understanding the need for personal healing and self-assertion”, he says. “My authenticity is fallible, if I don’t value and love myself then I can’t possibly love outwardly in a healthy way”.

“I wanted the video to continue exploring the inner conflicts and/or uncertainties within myself through visuals inspired by Emmet Kelly, an American circus clown from the depression era”, he goes on.

“There is something about his makeup, the simplicity and authenticity of his character, in which I see elements of myself. Wearing his white face allowed me to inhabit a version of me that has always sought to please others and who entertains the world with my sorrow. I hate feeling sorry for myself”.

Watch the video for ‘See Me Clearly’ here: