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Approved: Pyra

By | Published on Tuesday 7 September 2021


Rapper Pyra has been making and releasing music for several years now, but has been gaining more attention over the last couple of years as more political and social commentary has crept into her lyrics.

Last year, she released ‘Bangkok’, a track addressing unrest in her native Thailand, gaining attention both at home and internationally. Earlier this year, she built on that with ‘Yellow Fever’, a track attacking the fetishisation of Asian women, also featuring Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl and Japanese rapper Yayoi Daimon.

New EP ‘Fkn Bad Part 1’ collects these two tracks and other previously released material with two brand new songs, ‘Paper Promises’ and ‘Suicide Spirit’. The plan is to release a second EP later this year, followed by an album early next year.

Alongside the EP comes a video for ‘Paper Promises’. The song, she says, examines “how easy it is to trample upon others for personal gain, particularly among politicians and authoritative figures. Promises are fragile like thin sheets of paper – and that thin sheet of paper is money. They throw us sugar-coated lies to make us vote for them, then eventually crush our dream in the end”.

Watch that video here:

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