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Approved: Sen Morimoto

By | Published on Thursday 16 July 2020

Sen Morimoto

Sen Morimoto has announced that he will release his eponymous new album – the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Cannonball!’ – this autumn.

“Thematically, the album explores self-examination – the way reality breaks the distortion of subjective experience”, says Morimoto. “Focusing on minutia, the album highlights the ways that our learned habits, such as shameful desires and righteous ideals, are inherited by everyday motions of modern American life”.

“The grotesque and ignored emerging in dreams, begin to inform a cruel reality”, he goes on. “Touring through a world on a wire, my dreams, in harrowing vibrant colour, began to cross the threshold into my waking life. My self-titled album comes as a statement from somewhere in between those two worlds”.

The record features a whole load of fellow Chicago indie musicians – Lala Lala, Nnamd├», Kiana, Joseph Chilliams and Qari – as well as US National Youth Poet Laureate Kara Jackson and Japanese electronic musician Aaamyyy.

For first single ‘Woof’ though, he sets the scene for the album alone. Not just in that it features no guests, the track also muses on loneliness and depression. Lyrics on the genre-jumping track switch between calm and measured and an overwhelming stream of consciousness.

The album is out through Sooper Records on 23 Oct. Watch the video for ‘Woof’ here: