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Approved: Shn Shn

By | Published on Thursday 15 July 2021

Shn Shn

Ambient pop producer Shn Shn released her debut EP ‘Structura’ last year. Building soundscapes of layered synths and guitars, with sparse percussion, the form of her tracks is defined using her voice, which floats above the music.

New track ‘Maladaptive Daydreams’ is the first to be taken from her next EP – ‘E.strange.d’ – which will be out in October. Pushing her experimentation further, the track seems to test the limits of making abstract pop, those edges created with the vocals in her previous work sketched far more lightly. It works though, and shows that there’s plenty more exploration to be done within the self-defined parameters of her sound.

“‘Maladaptive Daydreams’ is about the attachments we hold towards an idea or person”, she says. “Holding on so dearly that even when cracks begin to form, the hopes and dreams become harder to tease from reality. It’s hypnotic and pulsating, childlike but unnerving. There’s a playful message about second chances – begging to rekindle and rebuild. Delusional? Maybe. But there’s more enjoyment and liberation on the bittersweet ride”.

Watch the video for ‘Maladaptive Daydreams’ here:

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