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Approved: Slowolf

By | Published on Tuesday 7 May 2013


Hip hop beats, R&B vocals and doom metal guitars are not an obvious combination of sounds. Still, if you don’t attempt anything you don’t succeed in anything, so kudos to Slowolf for even thinking it might be a good idea.

The work of producer Andreas Asingh, it’s live where this project really comes to life, expanding up to a four-piece band with live bass, guitars played off two samplers, and Asingh on drums and vocals. Some tracks work better than others, but when it really works it’s a joy to behold.

The doom metal element, so far, seems more part of the live show, with the tracks available veering more towards hip hop bolstered by staccato guitar riffs. Which is not to say it works any less well, as can be heard on recent single ‘Dance Floor’. The track features Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon – a collaboration Asingh apparently had to sell his Mercedes to secure.

Was it worth it? Judge for yourself here: