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Approved: Smrtdeath

By | Published on Tuesday 1 December 2020


Smrtdeath – aka Mike Skwark – has just released his latest album, ‘Somethjing’s Wrong’, his first for Epitaph since signing to the label in March. Mixing emo-rap with alt rock and pop hooks, it’s an eclectic but well-crafted and endearing record.

Following singles including ‘Back With Me’ and ‘She Told Me To Kill Myself’, the latest focus track from the record, ‘Don’t Love Me’, is one of its standouts which, Skwark says, “is about wanting someone you can’t have”.

“Kind of like meeting someone at the wrong time, or when you’re too focused on yourself to have time to pursue a connection anywhere else”, he goes on. “It’s also about the misguided feelings people can have about someone based on a fleeting connection”.

Watch the video for ‘Don’t Love Me’ here: