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Approved: Soccer96

By | Published on Thursday 25 August 2016


Back in 2012, synth guy Danalogue The Conqueror and drummer Betamax released an album as Soccer96. It was very good.

The following year, they formed The Comet Is Coming with saxophonist King Shabaka (also of Melt Yourself Down and Sons Of Kemet), after he appeared on stage during one of their gigs with no prior warning. And earlier this year they released their debut album, ‘Channel The Spirits’, which is also very good and is up for this year’s Mercury Prize.

All of which might lead you to believe that Soccer96 is a project left dead and buried in the past. Why am I writing this then? Well, because you are wrong. Dead wrong. On 23 Sep, the second Soccer96 album, ‘As Above So Below’, will be released. And sticking to a theme, it is very good.

“Our aim was to monitor the effects on the conscious mind when accelerating musical elements at great velocities into high energy collisions”, say the duo of their latest creation. “We took specific genre plasm and begun to create sonic compounds with completely alien properties. Avant-garde, hip hop, electronic, pop, prog, jazz and psychedelic particles have been mixed together at an atomic level”.

The fuck does something like that sound like? Well, listen to first single ‘Megadrive Lamborghini’ here to find out:

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