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Approved: Stevan

By | Published on Thursday 25 June 2020


Finding his route into music through his father’s cassette collection, and becoming enthused to make his own recordings when he discovered more up-to-the-minute hip hop, Stevan has just put out his debut mixtape, ‘Just Kids’.

That collision of influences shapes a sound that is unusually defined for someone not yet out of their teens. Able to pull off evoking Kendrick Lamar and the Beach Boys at the same time, ‘Just Kids’ is a collection of dream-like, sun-drenched songs full of youthful hopes and yearning.

“I just want people to realise how honest I am”, he says. “I want people to see moments of my life when they listen to this mixtape”.

Alongside the mixtape release comes the video for closing track ‘Tripping’, which he says was “the turning point for me on the project – it’s a switch in tone and I’m moving in a different direction”.

‘Just Kids’ is out now through Astral People. Watch the video for ‘Tripping’ here:

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