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Approved: SUEP

By | Published on Thursday 18 November 2021


Founded by SuepLord (who bears a striking resemblance to Porridge Radio’s Georgie Stott), odd pop quartet SUEP are back with their second single ‘Misery’. Following on from the kitchen psych of their debut, ‘Domesticated Dream’, the new track finds more ways of perfectly balancing weird and wonderful.

Vocalist T-Mr.9 describes ‘Misery’ as “a love song disguised as a song about loss”. He adds: “It’s about cherishing the things that matter but it’s also about having the courage to say goodbye. I wanted every line to tell its own small story with different characters. They’re all a bit lost but I feel like they work out what to do in the end”.

The band currently have a mini-album’s worth of songs set to be released in the coming months. They will also be supporting Ex-Void and Garden Centre at various shows in December, with a headline performance at The Ivy House in London set for 10 Feb.

Watch the video for ‘Misery’ here: