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Approved: Suzanne Ciani & Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Closed Circuit

By | Published on Wednesday 29 June 2016

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani

The thirteenth edition of RVNG Intl’s collaborative album series ‘FRKWYS’ sees Suzanne Ciani team up with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

Ciani came to prominence as an electronic composer in the 70s and 80s, her academic study of computer generated music leading to a prolific and acclaimed career spanning soundtracks, advertising and her own standalone work. A more recent addition to the experimental electronic music landscape, Smith has grown in stature over a number of albums, most recently ‘Ears’, which was released earlier this year.

For their ‘FRKWYS’ collaboration – which is titled ‘Sunergy’ and released on 16 Sep – the pair worked at Ciani’s house in Bolinas, California, the coastal community where it turns out they both live.

Having been created while the collaborators overlooked the Pacific ocean, the music is influenced by the unstable forces at work in what on the surface appears to be a serene view. This is clear in ‘Closed Circuit’, in which ambient sounds wash over one another, shifting in tempo and fighting for dominance, but nonetheless coming together to create a beautiful piece of work.

Listen to ‘Closed Circuit’ here.

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