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Approved: The Big Moon

By | Published on Wednesday 20 May 2015

Big Moon

The Big Moon were the talk of the town at The Great Escape this year. Lots of people told me to go and see them ahead their show at The Haunt on Friday night, and lots of people told me how great the show was the next day. Alas I can only review the queue outside, sadly. I had a very nice conversation in it, but it was a bit cold, and I should have taken the number of people talking about the band earlier in the day as a cue to arrive early. Or at least earlier.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that you can’t always get into the shows you want, and sometimes there are really good gigs just around the corner with no queue at all. Also, thanks to the internet, it really is no effort at all for me to confirm that The Big Moon are a very good band indeed. I have been on it and checked and found that, yes, they are.

With currently just one single and therefore two recorded tracks to their name, my internet checking was a pretty brief process, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. So enjoyable that I repeated it several times and decided to write about it (I’m really pulling back the curtain here, huh?). They play guitar pop without being wilfully lo-fi, and both available songs are well-crafted and performed with gusto.

Look, here is one of them. It is called ‘Sucker’: