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Approved: The Long Now

By | Published on Wednesday 18 July 2018

The Long Now

The Long Now is a new collaboration between Richard Norris and Finnur Bjarnason. Norris is a prolific producer, and also a member of The Grid with Soft Cell’s Dave Ball and Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve with Erol Alkan. Bjarnason, meanwhile, is a classically trained opera singer. For this project, both of their performances come out more muted than you might expect, but to extraordinary effect.

On their debut single ‘Restoration’, layers of repeating drones and twitching percussion pull together into a dreamlike form, Bjarnason’s cut up vocals pulsing amongst them. Released last month, the track now has a video, created by director Kieran Evans and staring out across Iceland’s suitably vast landscape.

“Filming in Iceland with Kieran was a long strange trip”, says Norris. “The elements rose to greet us and luckily didn’t devour us. But it was close”.

Watch the video for ‘Restoration’ here:

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