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Approved: The OBGMs

By | Published on Thursday 22 October 2020


The OBMGs – that’s short for The oOoh Baby Gimme Mores, if you were wondering – are set to release their second album, ‘The Ends’, at the end of this month – ten punchy, poppy punk tracks that are gone in under 25 minutes, but will leave a strong mark on you nonetheless.

“This is rock music that hits differently”, says frontman Densil McFarlane. “It’s Kurt Cobain shit. It’s Jimi Hendrix shit. It’s the Steve Jobs of this rock shit. The whole album is about not being bashful and just going out and getting it. A lot of people who do music sink into self-deprecation, but we’re comfortable telling people how we feel about ourselves – good and bad – and the good is: I don’t think there’s a band that does what we do on a record”.

That boldness comes after a period where McFarlane was ready to ditch the band and give up on music altogether. “My life wasn’t very good at the time, people around me were dying, and everything I was making sucked”, he explains. “I thought it was a sign that I needed to do something else”.

“I basically had a conversation with myself and found that the reasons I was making music were wrong and upside-down”, he says on turning things around. “I was making it to fit a certain mould, but it lacked truth. It lacked honesty. That’s why it wasn’t able to come out the way I wanted it to. So I changed my strategy on songwriting. I started talking about things that were more relevant to me and more relevant to my community – and just talking about how I actually feel in words that are not compromising”.

That new vigour comes through in the new songs – including the album’s first singles ‘Cash’ and ‘Not Again’ – and is incredibly infectious. As you can discover for yourself with ‘The Ends’ is released on 30 Oct.

Watch the video for ‘Not Again’ here: