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Approved: The Orb – Moonbuilding 2703AD

By | Published on Thursday 18 June 2015

The Orb

While The Orb’s line-up has morphed over the last three decades – Alex Paterson remaining the constant, these days working solely with long term collaborator Thomas Fehlmann – new album ‘Moonbuilding 2703AD’ sees them return to past glories.

Back with Kompakt, this thoughtful new offering leans to the Orb of yesteryear, taking a decent sonic voyage through psychedelia, dub, beats and peculiar samples, with the right amount of ambient focus.

Possibly more beats driven than, say, ‘Ultraworld’ or ‘UFOrb’, there may be just four tracks on the new record, but they are all worthy in their own right, as well as working as a whole, from the beatsy ‘Moonscapes’ to the trip hop functionality of the title track to the more trippy ‘Lunar Caves’.

Never bland, never overly obtuse, and without too much navel gazing, it looks like The Orb are back on form in 2015. Listen to ‘Moonbuilding 2703AD’ here: