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Approved: Three Trapped Tigers – Silent Earthling

By | Published on Thursday 28 January 2016

Three Trapped Tigers

“I think the problem for anyone striving to create their own sound is, once you – hopefully – have achieved that, how do you expand that whilst maintaining it?” So ponders Three Trapped Tigers’ Matt Calvert. And what better way to answer that question than with some music?

And so it was that yesterday the title track from the band’s new album ‘Silent Earthling’ was heaved onto YouTube. Unquestionably a Three Trapped Tigers track, but a fresh take on a very distinct sound.

Back in 2010, the band’s Tom Rogerson told us that their writing process consisted of “bashing our heads against a brick wall for about six months until something happens”. Though it seems that the pressure they place on themselves has only increased since then, leaving a five year gap between albums. In the end, Brian Eno stepped in to help out with his ‘oblique strategies’ method.

The full results of that will be revealed when the album is released on 1 Apr through Superball Music.

Listen to ‘Silent Earthling’ here:

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