CMU Approved

Approved: Tolani

By | Published on Thursday 30 July 2020


After a number of years honing her skills via a variety of projects, from providing vocals on Afrobeats tracks to fronting a soft rock band, Tolani has found a sound that truly complements her voice over the last eighteen months.

Tracks like last year’s ‘Ba Mi Lo’ and the brilliant ‘Liar’ see her drawing on her many influences – including 90s R&B, Afrobeat, and, hey, maybe even a little of that soft rock – to create a diverse pop sound that immediately stands out.

Her latest single release – her first of 2020 – is ‘Badman’, which is, she says, “a song exploring the habit of getting caught up with the ‘bad boys’, so to speak, being drawn to that high. I feel like there’s this subliminal message that love isn’t love unless it’s turbulent in some way, and so, you get caught up in a cycle of looking for the wrong things in potential lovers”.

Listen to ‘Badman’ here: