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Approved: Warpaint – Warpaint

By | Published on Monday 11 July 2011


Warpaint earned themselves a place amongst our 2010 artists of the year with their sinuous, multi-faceted debut album, ‘The Fool’, and, still surfing the wave of that LP’s wider critical triumph, the LA quartet have just unveiled a new video for their namesake track.

The abstract, artistic promo sees the band members hold a submerged tea party in a swimming pool, testing the efficacy of their waterproof makeup in kaleidoscopic underwater scenes. Watch Warpaint’s ‘Warpaint’ video below.

And while we’re on a Warpaint theme, here’s the group’s video for previous single ‘Undertow’, as directed by Hollywood actress Shannyn Sossamon, who, besides being sister to Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg, is also a former member of the band herself.