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Approved: White Lung

By | Published on Thursday 25 February 2016

White Lung

White Lung have long stood out as a band of above average talents, something signing to Domino for the release of 2014 album ‘Deep Fantasy’ helped to bring to wider attention. And that attention should hopefully widen further with the release of their fourth album, ‘Paradise’, on 6 May.

The first single from the new LP, released this week, ‘Hungry’, definitely sets them up for bigger things. Although recognisably White Lung, it’s a step forward for their sound and songwriting, and an ear-grabbing start to the band’s year.

“There’s this really stupid attitude that only punks have where it’s somehow uncool to become a better songwriter”, frontwoman Mish Barber-Way told Annie Clark in a recent interview. “In no other musical genre are your fans going to drop you when you start progressing”.

“That would be like parents being disappointed in their child for graduating from kindergarten to the first grade” she went on. “‘Paradise’ is the best songwriting we have ever done, and I expect the next record to be the same. I have no interest in staying in kindergarten”.

Watch the video for ‘Hungry’ here:

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