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Approved: Wildhart

By | Published on Wednesday 12 October 2016


Wildhart have announced that they will release their debut album, ‘Shine’, on 11 Nov. The announcement comes accompanied by a new single, ‘Shake Off’, a powerful new track from the album, following ‘Stuck In A Second’, ‘We Made Up A Dream’ and ‘Fantasy’.

‘Shake Off’ sees the band bear their teeth, “Don’t let any man, ever hold you back, don’t let him cut your wings, or pull you off the track”, repeats vocalist Ylva Holmdahl over the track’s hypnotic beat.

“‘Shake Off’ is a fuck you to all the hardships that you carry inside when living in an patriarchal world”, she explains. “It’s a cry of frustration – but at the same time an anthem, a source to find strength in”.

It’s also a high point from a wonderfully varied and adeptly fashioned album, which you should definitely set aside some time for when it comes out next month.

Listen to ‘Shake Off’ here:

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