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Approved: William Kz

By | Published on Tuesday 3 March 2020

William Kz

Experimental folk musician William Kz is set to release his debut solo album, ‘After A Long Time’, later this year. Out right now is the LP’s second single, ‘River Stroll’.

The album explores the destabilising feelings associated with moving to a new city – often in its own abstract, destabilising manner. Released last month, first single ‘When I’m Awake’ sets you on edge with accordion drones played slightly too slowly, alongside lyrics that spin in small circles.

Following it, ‘River Stroll’ takes an initially wistful premise and makes it gradually more disorientating through layers of instrumentation and lyrics that gradually wander into an unsettling dream world.

As strange and disconcerting as these songs can be, they also create a world that is enjoyable to visit, taking unexpected turns and confounding preconceptions.

‘After A Long Time’ is set for release on 24 Apr. Watch the video for ‘River Stroll’ here: