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Approved: William Tyler

By | Published on Monday 18 April 2016

William Tyler

William Tyler is a musician who has consistently shown throughout his career that there is more to be wrung from twelve-string acoustic guitar instrumentals than anyone might reasonably think. His latest album, ‘Modern Country’, is due out on 10 Jun and its first single, ‘Gone Clear’, once again proves that to be true.

“I spent a lot of time listening to what would at first seem to be disparate streams of music: 70s country and 70s German rock”, says Tyler of the album’s influences. “Yet, I was able to connect the dots in my head about what united the beat of Waylon Jennings, Don Williams and Barefoot Jerry with the ‘motorik’ crawl of Neu!, Kraftwerk and Harmonia. If nothing else, all of it sure as hell was great driving music”.

‘Gone Clear’ is a six minute adventure, with multiple twists and turns, none more disarming and surprising than its middle section, in which an explosion of bells brings a level of tension to an otherwise fairly laid back journey.

Listen to ‘Gone Clear’ here:

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