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Authorities can’t find ex-Iced Earth frontman Jon Schaffer as they attempt to sue him over Capitol building insurrection

By | Published on Tuesday 4 October 2022

Jon Schaffer

Former Iced Earth frontman Jon Schaffer is still facing trial over his involvement in the 6 Jan 2021 attack on the US Capitol building, which – of course – followed the election of Joe Biden as US President. Problem is, the authorities now can’t find him. And, they believe, that’s because he has intentionally gone into hiding.

Schaffer was arrested by the FBI shortly after the insurrection, and was charged with a number of crimes, including attacking police officers with ‘bear spray’. He was later said to be cooperating with authorities and was allowed to walk free after he agreed a guilty plea deal.

He was then sued by the Attorney General for the District Of Columbia, Karl Racine, as part of legal action targeting members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. Schaffer is a member of the latter group.

Racine’s lawsuit seeks to recover “extraordinary damages and costs” that the US capital was hit with as a result of the insurrection. However, since January, according to court documents, officials have made “at least 25 separate attempts to serve Schaffer [with legal papers] at seven different addresses across three different states”. All unsuccessfully.

Authorities believed that they had tracked him down to a mobile home in Columbus, Ohio in June, but failed to hand him his legal papers – despite several attempts. Since then, they have been attempting to get court approval to serve him in alternative ways. According to local newspaper The Republic, that motion is still pending.

The original deadline to serve Schaffer his papers passed in June. It remains to be seen if the authorities will ever manage it.